Succeeding in European Cannabis requires a strong understanding of market dynamics and growth drivers.

Get the latest data and steps on how to succeed.

In partnership with Hanway Associates, a London-based strategy consultancy specializing in cannabis, we analyzed and forecasted the European Cannabis market, the key drivers and blockers, as well as set realistic expectations for businesses eyeing the opportunities. This market has  long-term growth potential and businesses need to deeply understand the market in order to prepare.

In this free report, answer key questions like:

  • What will drive growth in European Cannabis?
  • What are the biggest opportunities and challenges?
  • How can European regulators or cannabis businesses best prepare?

Be prepared for the growing European Cannabis market.


If you are a European regulator looking to implement a new cannabis access program, or a pharmaceutical company looking to understand the impact of the cannabis market on your business, please contact Brightfield Group or Hanway Associates to learn how you can build a regional strategy based on global data.


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