What does the Pet CBD customer's journey look like?

The Pet CBD market grew 946% in 2019, presenting opportunities for CBD brands to expand their portfolio, pet-only brands to refine their niche, and large pet CPG companies to do their research. While they are working, pet CBD buyers are developing expectations and buying patterns along their customer journey.

Explore the Pet CBD customer's journey and answer questions like:

  • Where do consumers hear about Pet CBD?
  • Do these consumers talk to their vets? What do they talk about?
  • Where do they purchase Pet CBD?

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Make more informed decisions in the pet CBD industry.

As the market expands, so do consumers' purchasing, usage, and discovery behaviors. Dive into the most robust data on the pet CBD market covering both current and interested pet CBD buyers, their purchasing and usage behavior, conversation dynamics with their vet, and regularly updated analysis from our team of experts.

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