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How Big of a Threat is Delta-8? 

Q4 2022 Delta-8 [Whitepaper]

Why does Delta-8 have everyone worried? 35% of cannabis users have purchased psychoactive hemp-derived products in the past six months. Even in states with legal THC, 23% of Cannabis users say they are likely to buy Delta-8 products in the future.

Although it draws increasing ire from regulatory bodies, the category has still grossed nearly $2B in sales over the last two years.

Download our latest report to learn:

  • Overlap between Cannabis, CBD, & Delta-8 consumer bases

  • Delta-8's competitive advantages

  • Potential negative blow-back for both Cannabis & CBD

  • Metrics on growing consumer interests

  • Reasons for Delta-8's explosive growth

  • Best ways for the industry to counter




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