Data-Driven CBD Marketing
Personality & Lifestyle Insights




As more consumers enter the CBD market, it's more important than ever to have targeted marketing strategies to reach them. In this report, we compare and contrast Wellness Users and Stressed Out Millennials to explore how CBD marketers can use personality and lifestyle data to make strategic decisions.  With a clear picture of who your brand is talking to, brands can successfully increase awareness and foster loyal customers. 

After reading our insights, you'll be able to answer...

  • How can CBD consumer values inform messaging?
  • What social media interests are most appealing to Wellness Users?
  • Where are Stressed Out Millennials browsing online?


CBD Consumer Insights integrated with Social Media

The differences in personalities and lifestyles becomes more diverse as more consumers enter the market - presenting increasing opportunities for marketers to do what they do best. Our Consumer Insights portals integrate survey data, social panel data, and social listening to get a comprehensive view of the consumer, their psychological profile, and who they are on social.


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