Who are the consumers in the Pet CBD Market?

In 2018, pet parents spent $31 million on pet CBD products. In 2019, they spent $321 million - an increase of 946%. As the overall CBD industry expands, so does its consumer base (including pets!). 

Explore 3 Pet Parent Profiles and answer key questions like:

  • Which pets do consumers give CBD?
  • How long have consumers been giving their pets CBD?
  • What type of CBD do consumers give their pets?
  • How do consumers know CBD is helping their pet?

    Pet Parent Profile Mock


Make more informed decisions in the pet CBD industry.

As the pet CBD market expands, so do consumers' purchasing, usage, and discovery behaviors. Dive into the most robust data on the pet CBD market covering both current and interested pet CBD buyers, a deeper look at market sizes, and regularly updated analysis from our team of experts.

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