2020 in Review: Cannabis Innovations

Discover the top cannabis innovation trends of 2020 and what's next for 2021.

After a difficult 2019, cannabis brands started 2020 with minimally available capital, and the COVID-19 pandemic only made things worse. Strapped for funding, brands had to be strategic with the products they brought to market - they couldn't afford a flop. 

Take a look at the high-level cannabis trends for the year then dive into the data to explore the products that won on shelves this year. 

This free report answers:

  • What were the top cannabis product trends of 2020?
  • Which product types were the winners?
  • Which specific brands and products performed well?
  • What should we expect to see in the cannabis product landscape in 2021?


Launch new cannabis products with confidence.


As markets come online and continue to mature, the cannabis product types available on dispensary menus will adapt to consumer demand. 

Our Innovation Insights portal leverages thousands of SKUs across the US cannabis landscape to understand how new products are moving through dispensaries. This helps Product and Innovation leaders built a data-driven innovation pipeline and identify the specific product - down to the flavor, positioning, dosage, and cannabinoid - they should create next.


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