Cannabis 2.0: Brand and Product Trends

With more options now available on the Canadian market, consumer demand for more portable, discreet, and approachable products can finally be met. This is leading to consumers becoming more brand-driven, further pressuring LPs to create standout brands that resonate with the right consumers and products people want to buy.

In our free report, answer questions like:

  • What are the initial trends coming out of Cannabis 2.0?
  • Who are the consumers just now entering the market?
  • What new, exciting products are coming out?
  • How are LPs differentiating their brands?



Branding opportunities have never been greater. 

Cannabis 2.0 is here and LPs can now leverage the power of segmentation and differentiate their brands for the right consumers. With regularly updated market data and in-depth analysis on branding trends and product innovations, we can help you get ahead in Cannabis 2.0.

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