Understand why Newbies are essential for the growth of the Canadian Cannabis market.

September 2020 Report

The roll-out of Cannabis 2.0, which brought edibles, beverages, vapes and topicals into the market, was lauded as an opportunity for Licensed Producers to finally pull in the newbies that would fuel a vast Canadian cannabis market. 

In this report, answer key questions like:

  • Who are the Newbies?

  • How has this persona been behaving compared to what was expected?

  • How can brands further understand and target Newbies to grow their business?

Latest Update: July 2021 Report - Changes in the Canadian Cannabis Consumer


Build deeper relationships with Canadian Cannabis users.


As more consumers enter the market, new segments emerge and behaviors shift. With frequently updated, in-depth data across demographics, usage, and social media alongside our team of experts, your team will be more effective at creating better products, relevant marketing, and happy customers.


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