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 Brightfield’s 2022 by the Numbers

2022 Roundup and Trends to watch in 2023 

In 2022 the era of “winging it” in US cannabis effectively ended as capital markets tightened and federal banking relief failed to materialize – again. To help you develop a successful 2023 strategy, we have mapped the major forces that shaped the market in 2022 and those that will drive revenue in the year ahead. 

This report provides data-backed insights into how the trends of 2022 can be leveraged for growth in 2023. 

Download to learn: 

  • How heavy users are shaping the cannabis market 
  • The direct and indirect ways delta-8 THC is impacting revenue 
  • Why New Yorkers were convinced they were shopping in a legal market that did not exist. 
  • What products to focus on to maximize sales this year 
  • How concentrates should fit into your 2023 strategy
  • What to watch in international markets this year 




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