2019 Hemp Cultivation Landscape

Hemp cultivation is expected to surge as demand for hemp-derived CBD rapidly increases. In fact, our research shows that the US is the global leader in hemp cultivation as of 2019, and both CBD brands and retailers alike are looking to understand how this expanding industry will impact business growth.

In this free report, answer key questions like:

  • What does the US hemp landscape look like?
  • How will the industry grow over the next few years, and which states will lead the pack?
  • What does this growth mean for farmers?
  • What does the rest of the world look like?

Our full hemp cultivation landscape report includes:

  • International Landscape & Opportunities
  • Scenario Analysis Including the Wholesale Market
  • Fertilization Breakdown
  • State-by-State Growth & Rankings
  • US Hemp Import Research
  • Seed Certification
  • Profiles on Top 10 US States (By 2019 Acreage)
  • International Profiles on Canada, China, France, Ecuador, and More.
  • Profiles on 5 of the Leading Hemp Cultivators

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